Documents Required for Domicile Certificate in Jammu and Kashmir

By | December 27, 2020

Domicile certificate is a certificate that can be issued under the rules and regulation of a state government. Therefore, an applicant is required to provide various documents depending upon the rules and regulation of a particular State/Union Territory.  

Documents Required for Domicile Certificate

Here is the list of formalities for Domicile Certificate:

  •       Proof of residences such as ration card or driving license
  •       Age proof such as birth certificate, school certificate (10th admit card),       etc.
  •       Two passport size photographs
  •       Proof of identity such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.
  •       Self-declaration form.
  •       Duly filled the application form.
  •       Photocopies of all documents duly attested by a government official.
  •       An affidavit from tahsil or court.

Affidavit for Domicile Certificate In order to obtain a domicile certificate, the applicant will have to create an Affidavit. In simple words, an applicant who is a permanent resident of a particular state or union territory and holding a valid proof of identity & residence can create the affidavit for domicile certificate. The affidavit for the domicile certificate must include the details listed below:

  • Name, age and address of the applicant (deponent)
  • Name of the father or name of the spouse and details (in the case where the applicant is a married woman and not being a permanent resident of the state in which she wants to claim domicile certificate)
  • The Period staying (number of months/years) of the applicant in the address mentioned and the exact period of stay.
  • A declaration by the applicant stating that the information stated in the affidavit and that all supporting documents are genuine
  • The purpose for which domicile certificate is required
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Date on which the affidavit is made

If you are having all Documents Required for Domicile Certificate, then you can read the article given below for the process to apply for a Fresh Domicile Certificate