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What are Freelance Jobs? | Starting Guide+20 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

freelance jobs

In today’s Internet world, the need for freelance jobs is increasing. If you want to have control and freedom over your professional life, then you should choose freelance jobs.

You can work according to your ability by choosing freelancing job and earn not only in lacs but also in crores. Today, there are many freelancers in the world who are earning millions of rupees every month.

You can also start and earn money by doing freelancing jobs from home.

What are Freelance Jobs?


Freelance jobs are a type of job in which you do not work for a company but work for yourself. Although freelancers work for some company only, they do the work on contract and do it comfortably and that’s why you are your own boss in this work. If you want to earn money sitting at home, then freelancing jobs are the best medium.

Pros and Cons of Freelance Jobs

Advantages of Freelancing

  1. Unlimited earnings potential
  2. Casual work attire (sports pants, anyone?)
  3. Selectivity with customers / choose who you want to work with
  4. Freedom with flexible hours, hours and location
  5. No travel / no travel costs
  6. Coming to pursue your passion projects
  7. No office policies, annual performance reviews, etc.
  8. Property: you put the shots
  9. Execute all commercial aspects (sales and marketing, billing, signing, contracts, troubleshooting technology, track tax deductible business expenses, make estimated tax payments, etc.)
  10. Address a variety of projects and clients.

Disadvantages of Freelancing

  1. You might Feel isolated
  2. Hustling 24/7 for new concerts can be challenging
  3. Inconsistent work and cash flow
  4. Juggling with multiple clients
  5. Instead of having a boss, you have several clients to respond to
  6. No paid time off, no maternity / paternity leave
  7. No company-sponsored health benefits, 401 (k), etc.
  8. Noone to support you if you are sick or injured
  9. Non-eligibility for unemployment benefits and COBRA
  10. Execute all commercial aspects (sales and marketing, billing, contract signing, troubleshooting technology, track tax deductible business expenses, make estimated tax payments, etc.)
    Feeling scattered / unfocused and unstructured

How to Start Freelancing Jobs right now from Home?

Getting started as a freelancer can be as easy as finding one of the freelance sites to find work and networking within your current field to find your first client. Consider using a freelance site like Freelancer or Upwork to find work. They can pay as little as you like, but it can be a great way to get your name out there and get testimonials and referrals.

freelancing jobs
Source: Truelancer Freelancer India Survey Report, Payoneer

Things to consider while starting as a Freelancer:

1. Decide what services you will provide

Will you be a multi-niche freelancer or will you specialize in your field? For example, would you offer social media management on most platforms or would you focus on one, such as Pinterest Marketing Manager?

2. Establish your target market

Who do you need? It’s time to decide your brand and your unique sale proposal. This is also the time to decide whether to focus on a specific industry. For example, will you provide virtual support services to Real Estate Agents, or will you provide your services in all industries?

3. Set your rates

Establishing the right price is the balance of value you get by involving customers. The value is too low, you may suggest that your work is not valued and that you cannot earn enough. The price is too high and people may not be ready to pay you. When you can have an hourly rate, many independent projects can be unique (limited time project), in which customers want an estimate of the total work. Other freelancers have constant clients who pay a regular rate or a retainer. For example, a freelance writing can write 8 new articles for $ 400 per month for a blog or a virtual assistant can provide 10 hours of work per month for $ 200.

4. Create an online portfolio

Create a profile that inspires you to propose. Ultimately, you want to invest in business creation tools, such as a website that can provide you with more customization and flexibility, but LinkedIn is free and is an excellent online resume that can help you promote your service. Dog. You can also consider PortfolioBox, Squarespace and Journo Porcelain.

5. Market your services

There are many free and low-cost ways to market your independent business and attract customers. Some options include networking on social networks, which offer free consultations, reference search and email marketing.

The things listed above are must to consider if you want success more faster in your freelancing career. After considering all the above things in mind, now you are ready to start your career as a freelancer.

Still confused about which field you should go for? Don’t worry we have got you covered for that as well. Choose the one best for you among the 25 highest paying freelancing jobs as explained below.

20 Highest Paying and Most Popular Freelance Jobs in 2020

Here’s a comprehensive list of 20 most popular and highest paying freelancing jobs across the world, most of which you can start even from your smartphone:

1. Programmer

A more general programmer can also earn a lot of money, although the range of concerts offered in this example is a little wider, which makes the average drop a little.

Again, programmers are now in great demand. More and more companies now offer online services, applications and more to handle many tasks, or rely on internal software. Automation is replacing a large percentage of the workforce, and by becoming a programmer, you can make sure on the winning side of the story.

Some types of coding pay more than others. For example, you should think about the language you learn. Some of the languages ​​most demanded by employers are Java, Python, Kotlin and C ++. Other skills such as familiarization with SQL can also be very useful.

It is also a good idea to test the basics of machine learning and big data manipulation. These jobs will have a growing demand.

Find freelance work for a bank or a large corporation to improve your data management, and you can potentially earn a great salary. The average is usually around $ 35 per hour.

2. Web developer

Becoming a web developer is, in many ways, the perfect way for anyone who wants to earn money online.

For starters, web development is one of the easiest forms of development: it has fewer barriers to entry. Of course, there are some very demanding web design jobs that require ‘full stack developers’, but most web design tasks involve installing and modifying WordPress or more to build a basic portfolio site using a bit of HTML and CSS . It will be focused. (Which are markup languages ​​instead of full programming languages).

Almost anyone can learn the basics of simple web design, and it shouldn’t take them a great deal of time or a significant investment.

Web design can also be done from anywhere, without specialized tools and, generally, without strict time limits.

What’s more, however, is that web design has an incredible demand. Companies understand the need for a well-designed website, but they don’t recognize how easy it is to create a WordPress site.

Therefore, they can cost $ 10,000 or more, on a website that is a slightly edited template. Even if you try to sell the service for very little, you often discover that many companies will assume that, therefore, they are not receiving the best service, and they choose the service provider more. Position

A  good web developer can easily charge more than $ 80 per hour for these reasons! All without hard to find skills. So web designing is best among various freelance jobs.

3. Internet marketer/Digital Marketer

Celebrities like Tai López suggest that Internet marketing is the fastest way to get money online. An Internet marketer is one who tries to help a brand reach a larger audience online, often including SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and more.

An Internet marketer is very valuable for any business, as it can potentially help them reach thousands of other customers. More and more companies are recognizing their value, so marketing specialists have a growing demand. They can usually charge up to $ 50 per hour, although some will charge more.

4. Translation

Being multilingual has always been a great advantage. This benefit only increases as the Internet helps open up new international opportunities for businesses. As a translator, your job will be to translate pages of text, audio or other content bodies.

That said, you can also work as a live translator, helping to facilitate communication between two or more people who do not speak the same language.

If you can speak many languages, then you should recognize the value inherent in that skill and seriously consider looking for work in that field. You may charge $ 40 per hour or more in some cases.

5. Security Specialist

Another issue that is currently at the forefront of the minds of business owners is security. As with many high profile attacks and attacks, it is more important than ever that data be protected. As a security expert, it will be your job to help protect data by advising best practices, looking for weaknesses in websites and other objectives, and consulting the best way to proceed.

Companies will always need this type of service, as they seem to be at great risk by not guaranteeing maximum IT security.

This field just wants to develop, so if you understand IT, promoting yourself as a security specialist can be a great strategy. You can expect to win in some place.

6. Legal advice / legal assistance

Many lawyers, carriers and legal services experts are now striving to keep their profits high and eliminate the need for third parties. Legal advice is highly specialized and is something you cannot get anywhere.

This is something that can be done remotely, which helps explain the growing number of professionals who provide services in this way.

However, unlike web design, it is not the type of work that one can simply pick up and start selling. Your best chance to succeed in this field is if you have a good experience working with well-known companies. You can also bring some of your clients with you.

Expect to win anywhere in the region of $ 70- $ 120.

7. Video editing

Video editing is another service that is becoming increasingly popular due to its impact on the Internet. A YouTube video or a video teacher can generate big changes in the company’s first impressions.

However, to make high-quality videos that are memorable for all the right reasons, you should use an editor that understands the trade and is familiar with tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Video editors will earn approximately $ 35 per hour.

8. Writing

Writing is another type of work that anyone can do in theory, with just a little practice. While you must have a certain writing voice and master the English language, expert equipment is not required to perform these pigs.

Writing as a freelancer can take many forms. For example, you can be a content writer and write blog posts and articles for websites, or you can be an editor and write mainly ad text, SEO publications, press releases and the like.

For rates, these may vary again a lot. If you write an article in a reputable magazine, you can earn hundreds of dollars, however, other authors will charge only a few dollars for every hundred words and try to shake as much as possible. Interesting thing? As a writer, your income will be directly linked to the amount of work you do and how good it will be. Do you want more money? Type faster!

A writer can earn up to $ 50 per hour in most cases.

9. voice actor

Finally, voice actors simply have to lend their voice to a script, and sometimes you can pay $ 50 for that service. There are many projects available today, which require voice acting ranging from general acting to new formats, such as YouTube videos, podcasts and audiobooks.

You can also find voice actors on Fiverr, making an amazing amount of money.

The salary can start small, but as you gain bad words and experience, you can easily shoot up to $ 30- $ 40 per hour.

10. Teaching or Tutoring

You can teach online on Skype or Google Hangouts. The work is very simple: you need to organize several sessions and give lectures. You must know your subject or area of ​​expertise. Be it high school math or teaching a programming language like C ++.

11. Search engine optimization or SEO, SEM

Search engine optimization or SEO is also a popular independent task that can be done from home. You need to open a website and get a high rank on Google. SEM or search engine marketing is the same. Skills required for this freelancing job are to know everything about SEO, such as link building, high ranking in Google, how Google behaves, Panda affects, etc.

12. 3D and CAD modeling

3D and CAD modeling is an advanced topic, but the demand is very good if you want to work as a 3D and CAD modeling designer.

Here you need a formal degree. Although independent work does not require any degree in a job, in order to do the job, you need basic education and experience.

13. Web research

Web research or Internet research is a fairly easy task for freelancers. Here you will be given basic research work, such as performing various types of work, such as surveys, filling out forms, conducting surveys, etc.

You must have knowledge about browsing on the Internet and on various websites. In addition, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time on the Internet.

14. Writing articles and blogs.

Although we mentioned the independent writing and writing at the beginning of the article, the writing of the article and the blog are different. Here you write blogs and articles for bloggers.

You need good writing skills. In fact, it is easier than writing copies because it can be casual.

15. Photography

The freelance photographer is one of the most popular independent jobs. I should have mentioned this much earlier in this article.

You must be fond of photography and some experience is also good. Your wallet must be influential. You should be familiar with editing and retouching photographs.

16. Social Media manager (SMM)

The jobs of a social media coordinator or community manager are not for everyone because they need experience. Here you should know the platforms such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.

You must manage and update all social media platforms. You need to know more about LinkedIn and how it connects with others.

17. Logo design and illustration

Logo design and illustration can be included in the creative design. Design logos for websites and create magical images.

You must have experience in creative design, especially in creating logos. You also know how to do branding. If you have talent, you will get customers easily.

18. Human resources management

Human resources managers or human resources managers need clients. You can do this job both online and offline from home.

One must have very good resumes and work experience. You should also have excellent contacts and networks of other human resources managers that you know. As a freelancer, the human resources manager is for more experienced executives.

19. Architecture services

Job description: Finally, you can get a job as a freelancer for various architectural services. The most popular is interior design. You can deal with customers from home.

In this job, you must have skills of design training and some educational background before finding clients.

20.Freelancer Management Consultant

Finally, you can also be a freelancer management consultant. Note that this requires much experiance in handling various projects and other freelancers at a time. So choose accordingly.

Which Freelance Jobs You Should Choose?

Please note that these are not all the freelance jobs, you can find many more opportunities out there. So, I would recommend you o start freelancing in a field in which you are interested and comfortable.

Happy Freelancing!

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