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J&K Govt. Announced New Rule for Coaching Center

J&K Govt. Announced New Rule for Coaching Center

New guidelines have been announced by the Ministry of Education for coaching centers in Jammu and Kashmir. These guidelines state that coaching centers are not allowed to enroll students who are below 16 years old. They are also prohibited from making false promises and guaranteeing high ranks or good marks for their students. These guidelines have been put in place to create a legal framework and control the unregulated expansion of private coaching centers.

The government received complaints about more and more students taking their own lives, fires happening in coaching centers, and coaching centers not having enough facilities or good teaching methods. So, as a result, new rules have been made. These rules say that coaching centers cannot hire tutors who don’t have at least a graduation degree. And they cannot lie to parents and promise them good ranks or high marks for their kids. Also, they cannot enroll students who are younger than 16 years old. Students can only join coaching centers after finishing their secondary school exams. These are the guidelines that have been issued.

Coaching institutes cannot publish misleading advertisements about the quality of coaching, facilities offered, or results of students.
They cannot hire tutors with criminal records.
Institutes will not be registered unless they have a counselling system.

Coaching centers must have a website with up-to-date information on their tutors’ qualifications, courses/curriculum, length of programs, hostel facilities, and fees. Due to the intense competition and academic pressure on students, the new guidelines recommend that coaching centers take steps to promote students’ mental health and refrain from putting undue pressure on them in their classes.

The guidelines also said that tutors may be trained in mental health issues so they can give feedback to students in an effective and sensitive way.

The guidelines were created in response to the recent suicides of students in the coaching hub of Kota in 2023. The high number of suicides highlighted the many problems in the coaching industry. The guidelines state that tuition fees must be fair and reasonable, and receipts must be provided for all fees paid.

If a student has paid for a course in full but decides to leave before it is over, they will receive a refund for the remaining period of the course. This refund will be based on a proportional calculation and will be issued within 10 days. If the student was also staying in the coaching centre’s hostel, they will receive a refund for the hostel fees and meal expenses as well. The fees for a specific course and duration will not increase while the course is ongoing, regardless of any circumstances.

To ensure compliance with this policy, the Centre has proposed penalties of up to Rs 1 lakh or cancellation of registration for coaching centres that charge excessive fees, leading to extreme stress and student suicides, or engage in other unethical practices.

The government has proposed that all new and existing coaching institutes must register within three months of the guidelines coming into effect. The state government will be responsible for monitoring the activities of the coaching centres and ensuring that they meet the required eligibility criteria.

“Given that the regulation of +2 level education is the responsibility of the State/UT governments, these institutions are best regulated by the State/UT governments,” the document stated. (PTI)

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