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By | July 30, 2020
Select List of Class- IV Posts | Government Results | Jkjobsadda

Select List of Class- IV Posts District Udhampur

DC Udhampur  Select List of Class- IV Posts advertised vide Advertisement No. 01 of 2006 dated: 20-03-2006. Order No : DCU/PS/DLCRC/20-21/317 Dated : 28-07-2020

Whereas, 165 Class-IV posts pertaining to different departments were advertised vide Advertisement Notice No. 01 of 2006 dated: 20-03-2006 for filling up of the vacant Class-IV posts in the erstwhile district Udhampur. But due to protracted litigations the process for selection to these Class-IV posts couldn’t be completed and as a result of which the different petitions were filed by the aggrieved candidates before Hon’ble High Court of J&K, Jammu.

Whereas, the Hon’ble High Court of J&K, Jammu in the case titled Sandeep Sharma and Ors Vs State of J&K and Ors was pleased to give the following directions: –

1) The Deputy Commissioner Udhampur shall convene the meeting of the Recruitment Committee constituted vide Govt. order No. 43 GAD of 2006 dated 09-01-2006 for fixing the schedules for conducting the interview of all eligible candidates who haveapplied in response to the advertisement notice No. 01 of 2006 dated: 20-03-2006 for 165 Class IV posts as were available in various departments as referred to in the advertisement notice.

2) A notice shall be issued so as to inform all such candidates who had applied to bring their documents (qualification certificates, permanent residence certificates plus any other document required) on the date of interview.


3) A responsible committee of three officer / officials shall be constituted who shall scrutinize the documents of the eligible candidates who in response to the notice will choose to appear for interview on the dates as shall be fixed for their interview before
the District Level Recruitment Committee.

4) The dates for conduct of interview shall be scheduled in a manner so as to conclude the process within a period of three months from the date of commencement of interview strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Advertisement Notice No. 01 of 2006 dated 20-03-2006.
5) Notification No. 01 of 2013 dated: 09-08-2013 as issued by Deputy Commissioner, Udhampur which is impugned in these petitions to the extent it shall be inconsistent or in contravention to the terms and conditions of the advertisement notice No. 01 of 2006 dated: 20-03-2006 shall be ignored.

Whereas, in compliance to the directions of Hon’ble High Court, 152 posts were considered instead of 165 which were finally confirmed through Public Notice No: DCU/PS/Class-IV/2017-18/274 dated 30-03-2018 for all the candidates who had applied for the posts in erstwhile District Udhampur in pursuant to Advertisement Notice No. 01 of 2006 dated: 20-03-2006 as 12 no. of posts pertaining to forest department were already utilized by the said department and 01 post pertaining to Science and Technology department could not be filled up as the Science and Technology department has been absorbed in the J&K Secretariat (Sub-ordinate) Services vide Cabinet decision No. 23/05/2013 dated: 18-02-2013 and Govt. Order No. 161-GAD of 2014 dated: 07-02-2014.

Whereas, in pursuance of the above public notice for invitation of applications for Class IV Posts, interview of 2736 candidates was conducted.
Whereas, General Administration Department vide communication No. GAD/Mtg/Class-IV/34/2011, informed the Deputy Commissioner Udhampur (Chairman, District Level Class IV Recruitment Committee) that Government has filed a SLP(C) No. 707 of 2020 titled State of J&K V/S Nazir Ahmad Yatoo and Ors against the judgment dated 02-07-2015 passed by Hon’ble High Court in case titled Nazir Ahmad Yatoo & Ors v/s State and Ors and also directed to not to proceed further with the selection process till the disposal of the SLP.

Whereas, General Administration Department in consultation with the Department of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs examined the matter and the Law Department opined as under-
“If, the selection process qua District Udhampur has also been commenced and concluded in terms of Government Order No. 664-GAD of 2013 dated 23-04-2013, there is apparently no hitch in notifying the select list for District Udhampur as the same would be based on the same reasoning as adopted by and accepted by the Hon ‘ble Supreme Court. General Administration Department may take necessary steps accordingly and ensure that the averments made in the affidavit of the General Administration and the directions passed by the Hon’ble Court Dated 03-02-2020 are not observed in breach.”

Whereas, accordingly General Administration Department vide communication No. GAD(L)F-620/2013 dated 26.06.2020 directed the Deputy Commissioner Udhampur to conclude the selection process of Class-IV posts within the stipulated time i.e. five months fixed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court whilst only allowing candidate who had applied in pursuance to advertisement notice dated 20-03-2006.

Whereas, in pursuance of directions of General Administration Department, a meeting of District Level Class IV Recruitment Committee was called by Deputy Commissioner, Udhampur and modality to finalize the leftover process of recruitment was deliberated. The committee constituted in this regard has deliberated all the aspects of recruitment in detail like Hon’ble Court’s Directives, rule position, Government guidelines etc so that the process can be completed in diligent manner.

In view of above, the District Level Class IV Recruitment Committee in compliance of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order and in consonance with the procedure established under law, hereby notify the select list of class IV Posts advertised under Advertisement Notice No. 01 of 2006 dated 20-03-2006 which is enclosed as Annexure-I.
The selection shall be without any prejudice and subject to the outcome of writ petition(s), if any, pending disposal before any court of law.

Select List Of Class IV Posts Advertised vide Advertisement No: 01 of 2006 dated: 20-03-2006